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Web-based Documentary Film

Web-based Documentary Film Between Discourse, Technology, and Community Building: the Pragmatic Turn

Recent advances in digital technology (in particular the advent of new media platforms, such as the Internet, mobile phones, tablet computers and GPS devices) as well as a strong sociocultural demand for participation, are significantly influencing and altering the concept, design, reception, production and distribution of non-fiction audio-visual works. These new developments have paved the way for the emergence of an increasingly popular new cinematic form hosted on new media platforms: interactive documentaries, which break the classic linearity of film into fragmented space/time productions.

The project focuses on the interactive documentary form created for the web from a broad pragmatic perspective which helps us to better understand, especially in terms of communicative co-operational structures, authorship, spectatorship and realism, this very contemporary and under theorised area of non-fiction media production.

Stefano Odorico, PhD
Leeds Trinity University
Associate Senior Lecturer

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