Last Name
Dr. Bettina Henzler
Department 9: Cultural Studies
Institute for Art History - Film Studies - Art Education
Film Studies and Film Mediation
B 3750
+49-421-218 67724

Member in the ZeMKI Lab: "Film, Media Art and Popular Culture"
Member of IRCAV – Institut de recherche sur le cinéma et l’audiovisuel, Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle

Bettina Henzler is a research fellow and lecturer at the Institute for Art History - Film Studies - Art Education at the University of Bremen with a focus on film studies and film education. She is currently working on a DFG-funded postdoc project on "Film aesthetics and Childhood". She received her PhD in 2011 with a thesis on the theory and practice of the aesthetic film education developped in the context of French Cinephilia (Filmästhetik und Vermittlung, engl. „Film aesthetics and mediation“). She studied comparative literature, English and German literature in Bonn and Brussels.

Parallel to research and teaching at the University (since 2006), she is also a freelancer in the area film and education (since 2000). She managed the French children's and youth film festival Cinéfête from 2003-2011 and works as a lecturer of film education and consultant with a number of European instutions of film culture (such as Cinémathèque française Paris, Austrian Film Museum Vienna, Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin, Deutsches Filminstitut Franfurt am Main, KINMA Hannover, City 46 Bremen). Bettina Henzler is member of the Advisory Board of the Film Education Journal (founded in 2017) and peer reviewer for the film journal Screen.

Research interests

   | Film education and mediation
   | Childhood and film
   | French film theory and cinephilia
   | French Cinema



2015-2018 Film aesthetics and Childhood

2006-2011 The film pedagogy of Alain Bergala: Contexts, theorie and methology


Screen. International Journal of Academic Film and Television Studies (Oxford/Glasgow)


5th - 6th april 2018: "Penser le cinéma au prisme de l'enfance et l'enfance au prisme du cinéma": international conferenece in cooperation to Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3.

27th april-1st mai 2016: Childhood and Cinema. 21th International Bremen Film Conference, University of Bremen, City 46.

14th-19th January 2009: Learning from the cinema. 14th International Bremen Film Conference, University of Bremen, City 46.

Film education

2016-2018 Kino / Kind / Welt Film education project in cooperation with the Austrian Film Museum Österreichisches Filmmuseum Wien

since 2011 Le cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse. Participation in the International Film education programme of the Cinémathèque française in cooperation wirh the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen Berlin.

2003-2011 director of the French film festival for schools in Germany Cinéfête, in cooperation with the AG Kino- Gilde e.V. (association of arthouse cinemas in Germany) and the French Ambassy.

Lectures and workshops

(in French and English Language, see complete list)

06.04.2018: "Bouger, regarder, jouer partout et dans tous les sens : esthétique(s) de l’enfance dans le cinéma français des années cinquante": lecture in confernece "Penser le cinéma au prisme de l'enfance et l'enfance au prisme du cinéma", Paris (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 in cooperation to University Bremen), 5.-6. April 2018.

28.04.2016: „Cinema, Childhood, Film Aesthetics“, introductory lecture to the 21th International Bremen Film Symposium, 27.4.-1.5.2016 (Universität Bremen, City 46).

19.04.2015: "German Landscapes seen by Children: Searching for Identity in (New) German Cinema”, contribution to the panel „Shifting Temporal Identities“, at Childhood & Nation in World Cinema (Royal Holloway Conference, London 18.-19.4.2016).

30.10.2014: talk about cinephilia, biographie and film education (together wih Nathalie Bourgeois, Cinémathèque française) at the meeting of the Film Education Framework for Europe (29.-31.10.14 Berlin), British Film Institute, Vision Kino.

19.09.2013: „L’education au cinéma“, lecture at “la conférence nationale Education à l’image – culture et éducation!”, Biel (Switzerland).

19.07.2013: „Child spectators“, panel contribution at IAMHIST-Konferenz „Childhood and the Media“, Leicester (England).

17.-19.10.2007: lecture on Film Eduation in Germany at the „Rencontre nationale ‚École et cinéma’“, Les enfants de cinéma, Straßbourg.

02.-05.04.2006: lecture on Film Education in Germany at the conference „L’éducation à l’image en europe“, Europa Cinemas, Le Havre.

03.-05.06.2005: contribution to the workshop „How to promote heritage films towards young audiences?“ at „Il Cinema Ritrovato“, Europa Cinemas, Bologna


   | Society of Media Studies
   | ZeMKI Bremen (Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research)


Books and journals

Bergala, Alain (2006): Kino als Kunst. Filmvermittlung an der Schule und anderswo (Bremer Schriften zur Filmvermittlung). Hg.: Bettina Henzler / Winfried Pauleit, Übersetzung: Barbara Herber-Schärer. Marburg.

Henzler, Bettina / Pauleit, Winfried (Hg.) (2008): Filme sehen, Kino verstehen. Methoden der Filmvermittlung (Bremer Schriften zur Filmvermittlung). Marburg.

Henzler, Bettina / Pauleit, Winfried / Rüffert, Christine / Schmid, Karl-Heinz / Tews, Alfred (Hg.) (2010): Learning from the cinema. International Perpectives of Film Education. Berlin.

Henzler, Bettina (2013): Filmästhetik und Vermittlung. Zu Alain Bergalas cinephilem Ansatz: Kontexte, Theorie und Praxis. Marburg.

Henzler, Bettina / Zahn, Manuel / Pauleit, Winfried (2013): Filmvermittlung., Nr. 13,

Henzler, Bettina / Pauleit, Winfried (Hg.) (2017): Kino und Kindheit. Figur - Perspektive - Regie. Berlin.

Henzler, Bettina / Pauleit, Winfried (Hg.) (2018): Childhood, Cinema and Film Aesthetics. Berlin.


(in French and English Language, see complete list)

Henzler, Bettina (2010): me you he she it: Intersubjectivity in Film Mediation and Education. In: Bettina Henzler / Winfried Pauleit (Hg.): Learning form the cinema, 2010, S. 58-65.

Henzler, Bettina (2015): "Éducation à l'image" et "Medienkompetenz": Quelques différences dans l’enseignement du cinéma à l'école, en France et en Allemagne. In: Philippe Bourdier, Jean-Albert Bron, Barbara Laborde, Isabelle Le Corff (Hg.): Mise au point, Nr. 7, Les Enjeux des Études cinématographiques et audiovisuelles: Théories, Méthodes, Idéologies, Mise au point.